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Crimson Tears

From the writer of the impressive gray Knights, Ben Counter's 3rd e-book within the Soul Drinkers sequence is choked with hard-hitting area Marine motion! as soon as dependable warriors of the Imperium, the Soul Drinkers were betrayed by way of these they as soon as fought to guard and declared as heretics! With the darkish forces of Chaos on one facet, and the purple Fists area Marines at the different, the single resolution for the wronged Marines is to return out combating!

Season of Strangers

Committed, pushed genuine property agent Julie Ferris is having fun with an afternoon on the seashore along with her sister Laura whilst a wierd, virtually undetectable cost fills the air. Then, lower than the recent Malibu sunlight, time stops altogether. Neither sister can clarify their "lost day"—nor the blinding complications and bad nightmares that follow—but Julie chalks it as much as the strain she's been below in view that her boss's son took over Donovan genuine property.

Beyond the Dark

Lora Leigh does it? within the lair of a wierd breed, half guy, half wolf, at the hunt for the lady he craves? and desires? to satisfy a starvation clawing at him from inside Angela Knight does it? within the psychic realm of a girl attuned to touch of strangers? and the robust temptations of a seductive and mysterious protector.

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There would have been a sarcastic edge to such a comment once. For a full twelve months she had felt shockingly guilty that she hadn’t died with her parents. As if, by escaping their fate, she had deserted them. In fact, talking now to Terence Galloway, Henrietta was pleasantly surprised that she didn’t feel at all emotional. It was quite liberating to simply state the facts to a person who was neither embarrassed nor dripping with concern for the tragedy of her life. ‘I wasn’t driving trucks then,’ she said.

Through their headsets nothing could be heard but the muffled throb of the powerful engines. Since their departure from Ambon, radio silence had been maintained, but it would not be long before their headsets would be crackling with the voices of command. Paul Trewinnard leaned back in his large wicker armchair, sipped at his tea, and looked out across the harbour from the windows of his room on the first floor of the Hotel Darwin. The overhead ceiling fan created the comforting illusion of breeze, but at barely nine o’clock in the morning the air was already hot and still, clammy with the humidity of the monsoon season.

Darwin was where she belonged. The school at which Aggie taught had been closed down so she’d set herself up as a one person secretarial office doing volunteer work for the war effort. She corresponded with various branches of the Red Cross, coordinating the parcels to be sent overseas, she typed endless circulars and lists of supplies and necessities, and she steadfastly continued to write her CWA newsletters. Mainly about courage in the face of adversity, now and then including a frivolous observation to boost morale, and she posted them up on noticeboards, in the post office and anywhere else she thought people might see them.

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