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Remember, those metaphors are not to be taken literally, otherwise you will miss the point. When I say ”the inner light,” don’t think it in terms of literal understanding, no. When I say ”the inner is like light,” it is a metaphor. Something is indicated, but not demarked, not defined; something of the nature of light, not exactly light – it is a metaphor. And this becomes a problem because religion talks in metaphors; it cannot talk otherwise, there is no other way. If I have been to another world and I have seen flowers which don’t exist on this earth, and I come to you and talk about those flowers, what will I do?

One thing will be helpful to understand. There are three approaches towards reality. One is the empirical approach, the approach of the scientific mind – experiment, experiment with the objective world, and unless something is proved by experiment, don’t accept it. Then there is another approach, of the logical mind. He does not experiment; he simply thinks, argues, finds pros and cons, and just by mind-effort, reason, he concludes. And then there is a third approach, the metaphorical, the approach of poetry – and of religion.

And this key unlocks the most secret phenomenon: the phenomenon of buddhahood. THE CLOUDS THAT WANDER THROUGH THE SKY HAVE NO ROOTS, NO HOME; NOR DO THE DISTINCTIVE THOUGHTS FLOATING THROUGH THE MIND. ONCE THE SELF-MIND IS SEEN, DISCRIMINATION STOPS. And once you can see that thoughts are floating – you are not the thoughts but the space in which thoughts are floating – you have attained to your self-mind, you have understood the phenomenon of your consciousness. Then discrimination stops: then nothing is good, nothing is bad; then all desire simply disappears, because if there is nothing good, nothing bad, there is nothing to be desired, nothing to be avoided.

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