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By Charley Swayne, Daniel Negreanu

Such a lot of poker books are cookie cutter directions of this is often reliable, this is often undesirable, glance out for this or that; it really is great to eventually get my arms on anything that's diverse and takes a special method of the game.

I am an analytically minded individual and participant and eventually there's a e-book that makes use of quantifying numerics instead of the easy sturdy and undesirable. i admire the way in which that Charley does not wide stroke complicated matters specially preflop play. This publication is greater than an straight forward instructional of the sport of carry 'Em. a few fabric is tough to appreciate yet i will be able to attest that the problems and subject matters offered during this textual content will show up higher returns and extra good fortune for avid gamers.

After examining and learning this ebook my outlook on poker as an entire has replaced and my bankroll has thus elevated. Poker is ready making reliable judgements and Charley Swayne is helping the reader simplify the methods ultiamtely making it more uncomplicated as a participant to make the simplest judgements possible.

I think this ebook has subject matters necessary to either on-line, in addition to, brick & mortar playing.

PATL Matrix, desk photograph, desk Texture, Win elements, meantime Hand version. it's all strong stuff

Thanks Charley for aiding me raise my ROI.

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They then identify the three main categories of hands: 1. Pairs, two pairs, sets, trips, boats, quads 2. Straights 3. Flushes, which include straight flushes. With our procedure you will still identify the nuts, the second nuts, and so on, as well as the three main categories of hands, but you will now first look for the most difficult to see possibilities. 50 Swayne’s Advanced Degree in Hold’em Board reading rules Before you start to read the board, review these rules: Straights • The possible straight is everywhere.

You must place each player’s style in the PATL matrix. For the rest of this chapter, unless otherwise noted, we are discussing experienced players. Probable distribution of hands Where a player fits in the PATL matrix determines the range of hands he will play. Even a superficial placement of an opponent in his PATL gives a good indication of his probable distribution of hands. As you would expect, and will see in the next few pages, since tights play fewer hands, their range of hands will be a lot stronger than loose players’.

11 Aggressive Tell trends We are going to review how players tend to react and tell you what they have. But, in order for you to know if the trends presented on the next few pages hold true for a particular player, let’s repeat something. You must watch and learn how each person plays and what they do to tell you what they have. You do this so you can read their hands, but before you can read a hand, you must, MUST, MUST know your opponents. It will not be enough to just place each person in the PATL matrix, although that is the starting point.

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