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In the following, the names of deities appearing frequently in these accounts are standardized and given an abbreviated translation or transliteration in place of the full title. Early Shinto 23 True-Pool-Well of Heaven, and having crunchingly crunched them, the Heaven-Shining-Deity blew them away, were Her Augustness Torrent-MistPrincess, another august name for whom is Her Augustness Princess-of-theIsland-of-the-Offing; next Her Augustness Lovely-Island-Princess, another august name for whom is Her Augustness Good-Princess; next Her Augustness Princess-of-the-Torrent.

Emperor Su¯jin’’ must be mentally supplied as the logical subject of this clause. 27. Chinese term for the people of China, which is applied here to the Japanese. 28. That is, Emperor Nintoku. 29. That is, Emperor Seimu. 30. That is, Emperor Ingyo¯. 31. Characteristics of the Chinese sage-kings that are hardly appropriate here. Chapter 2 e a r l y s h i nt o From the early days of the opening of Japan, Western scholars, intrigued by what they imagined to be the indigenous nature of Shinto, have devoted considerable attention to this religion.

During the third century, the Chinese withdrew from Korea, and the country was divided into three states, Koguryo˘, Paekche, and Silla, and beginning in the fourth century, Japanese periodically fought in Korea, usually siding with Paekche against Koguryo˘ and Silla. Japanese historians claim that Japan established a territorial enclave at the tip of the Korean peninsula called Mimana sometime during the fourth century, although nationalistic Korean historians vigorously deny that such an enclave ever existed.

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