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Requiring only a small patch of grass, this drill can be done as one of several stations during station instruction, and it can take place in the outfield or even off of the main field area. If necessary, your team can stretch, run, and throw and then take part in several drills such as the Box drill before your field time begins. If your team is only allocated 60 or 90 minutes of field time, begin your practice in a nearby open area and use drills that enable you to make good use of the space available.

As a coach, if you’ve guided the athlete’s movements correctly to this position, the rest is up to him. All you can do now is cross your fingers and hope for the best. 4 (a) Pop, (b) shuffle, and (c) throw. c Developing Fielding Skills With 5 Simple Drills 29 Teaching Infielders Understanding how to field a ground ball is entirely different than teaching infielders how to do it. To teach the actions of proper ground-ball technique, you need to use a structured plan over several practices—and you must have plenty of patience.

If the coaching focus is on instruction, include freezes in the athlete’s movements (broken movements). After the athlete moves into the ready position, roll the ground ball and have the athlete freeze after fielding the ball. Here, the athlete should be in the proper fielding triangle. 5b/394936/Tammy step correctly. Then, verbally direct a shuffle and a throw. 2. Momentum shuffles. To show the importance of gaining momentum, building power, and directing the throw, you should now require the athletes to perform mandatory shuffles on each ground ball.

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