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It reads 8 : S = SYM +SW, where SYM = / d 4 x { - F * j 4 ) is the Yang-Mills action, and Sw is a gauge-invariant generalization of the eikonal vertex J

Once they are allowed to exist, a metastable region is easily formed assuming that the phase of the singlet Goldstone mode, to holomorphically interpolate between weak and strong couplings. In non-supersymmetric theories, however, there seems to be a drastic transition between the instanton and the large Nc description . c This is one of the manifestations of the fact there can be no CP violation if any of the quark is massless. Ideally one would prefer a dynamical explanation, such as the one provided by the instanton liquid picture.

Oeff, is initially random, as the root mean square of 6efj is quite large, {&ejj)rms = 27r/v3. The size IB of a CP-odd bubble is harder to estimate given the uncertainties of our model, but it could be as large as a few fermi. Finally, the lifetime will depends of the relative size of the false and true vacua region, the difference in pressure between these regions (which could be rather small if U(1)A is very nearly restored), and other factors, like the viscosity of the medium. All together, there are many uncertainties.

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