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By Christine Feehan

The hot GhostWalker novel from the number one ny occasions bestselling writer Years in the past, GhostWalkers Mack McKinley and Jaimie Fielding have been fans. Now they have been reunited at the violent streets through a ruthless universal enemy who might smash them either.

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The shove didn’t even rock him. A flicker of anger crossed her face. ” “I was a kid and anything you did was incredible and cool. I’m all grown up now and I know the difference between physical attraction and love. I want love. I want a family. I won’t settle for anything less and you don’t have that kind of commitment in you. You aren’t tearing out my heart, Mack. Go do your thing. ” A muscle ticked in his jaw, always a bad sign. It took discipline to keep his hands off of her. “We’ll see, Jaimie.

She’d taken his life. She’d taken everything he was from him. ” She kept her back to him; her hands shook as she lifted the whistling teakettle. “Busy? You mean your drive to make the world right? Your need to save everyone? You walked out on us, Mack. If you want to pretend you didn’t, if that makes it all good for you, it’s all right with me. I survived. You survived. You have the life you want. I’m good too. ” He waited until the kettle was safely back on the stove before gripping her arm and spinning her around to face him.

Marc, you and Lucas find us at least two clear routes out of here. ” He wasn’t taking his men into a trap. He was going to ram this right back down their throats. But . . He glanced at Javier Enderman. Javier looked the least like a soldier of any of them, and yet was maybe the most lethal. “Get back to Jaimie, Javier. You know what to do. She won’t like it and she’ll give you hell, but you kill anyone that comes near her. Don’t let anyone in or out of her place. I don’t have to tell you what Jaimie means to me .

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