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By Andre Gide

A fragile boy turning out to be up in Paris, Jerome Palissier spends many summers at his uncle's condo within the Normandy nation-state, the place the full international turns out 'steeped in azure'. There he falls deeply in love along with his cousin Alissa and he or she with him. yet steadily Alissa turns into confident that Jerome's love for her is endangering his soul. within the pursuits of his salvation, she makes a decision to suppress every thing that's attractive in herself - in either brain and physique. A devastating exploration of aestheticism taken to extremes, "Strait is the Gate" is a singular of haunting good looks that stimulates the brain and the sentiments

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My uncle’s voice was low and indistinct: I could not make out his answer. ’ How could I help straining to hear? But no! I could make out nothing. ’ Here my uncle raised his voice: ‘First, my dear, I should like to understand what you mean by “remarkable”. ’ ‘Yes, that is what I mean,’ said Alissa. ‘And then, one can’t tell yet. He’s too young. ’ ‘Oh, my child! I can hardly tell. ’ interrupted Alissa. ‘The affection and esteem that have been lacking to me,’ answered my uncle, sadly; and then their voices finally died away.

It’s quite possible to be very intelligent and not care for poetry. ’ ‘Not before I’ve done my military service. ’ ‘I don’t want to know yet. Too many things appeal to me. ’ I shrugged my shoulders without answering. She insisted: ‘Then, what are you waiting for? ’ ‘Why should we get engaged? Isn’t it enough to know that we do and shall belong to each other, without proclaiming it to the world? Since I choose to devote my whole life to her, do you think it would be nobler to bind my love by promises?

During the last year he had acquired some experience of women, and, in consequence, put on rather a conceited and patronizing manner, which, however, did not offend me. He laughed at me for not having finally managed to clinch the matter, as he expressed it, giving forth as an axiom, that a woman should never be given time to go back on herself. I let him talk, but thought to myself that his excellent arguments were not applicable either to her or to me, and simply showed that he did not understand us.

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