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<P class=MsoNormal>MIRROR photo, a posh, erotic novel of suspense, is the 1st in a sequence of mysteries that includes Dr. Daniel Rinaldi, a psychologist who consults with the Pittsburgh Police. His distinctiveness is treating sufferers of violent crime—those who’ve survived an armed theft or kidnapping, yet whose hectic event nonetheless haunts them.
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<P class=MsoNormal>Kevin Merrick, a faculty scholar and sufferer of an armed attack, is this kind of people.
<P class=MsoNormal>A fragile, child determined for a task version, a feeling of identification, Kevin has all started dressing like Rinaldi, appearing like him, mirroring his visual appeal. sooner than Daniel has an opportunity to paintings this via together with his sufferer, he unearths Kevin brutally murdered. surprised, he and the police suspect that he, no longer Kevin, have been the meant target.
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<P class=MsoNormal>Feeling dependable, Rinaldi is set to assist locate the killer, who’s started leaving demise threats for the psychologist. His trip takes him via a labyrinth of associates and associates, anybody of whom could be the killer. additionally it is an affair with a gorgeous, free-spirited Assistant DA with secrets and techniques of her personal. And whilst Kevin’s identification because the estranged son of a invoice Gates-like biotech titanic is printed, the research of his homicide becomes a countrywide story…even as someone else turns up dead.
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<P class=MsoNormal>A page-turning novel of suspense, reflect snapshot weaves jointly a perplexing secret, packed with unforeseen twists, with an severe, erotic love story.
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From big apple occasions and united states this present day bestseller Lisa Renee Jones, this sizzling new erotic tale is the 1st installment of entries from Rebecca's misplaced Journals. attached to the "Inside Out Trilogy" that's been optioned to STARZ for television, this stand-alone sequence of e-shorts includes brand-new diary excerpts, clues, and revelations now not present in the trilogy books.

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Appealing Sharon had her personal explanation for graduating from university. and he or she was once knowledgeable at utilizing her physique to make up for what she lacked in brains, till the day got here whilst she needed to study a extra painful lesson.


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What matters is staying together—keeping you in my life. And you should see the place I found us, Mav. I mean, it’s great. Huge living room, big kitchen, fireplace. And the rent is fifty less a month. The only thing is, there’s only one bedroom. But I figured since we already sleep together most of the time anyway…” He shrugged. ” He looked at Mav eagerly and a little uncertainly, an expression that seemed to go straight to Mav’s heart and squeeze it like a fist. Damn, was his best friend really serious?

Evan settled onto a matching brown leather chair across from him. ” “What do you mean? ” Mav demanded. ” Evan made a sweeping motion that indicated the way Mav was slouched despondently on the couch. “Anyone could tell. You don’t have to be a psych major to see that you’re hurting. ” He shifted in the chair so he was facing Mav head-on. “I’ve been where you are. ” Mav scowled. ” Evan steepled his fingers and leaned forward. “Back in high school I was one of the cool kids—the jocks. I was on the football team, I dated the cheerleaders, went to all the pep rallies and when somebody made a faggot joke, I laughed louder than anybody.

Jamie refused to see me again after that. ” He sighed. “It tore me up inside but there was nothing I could do. I spent the rest of my senior year vowing that the next time I fell for someone I’d give it my all. ” “So let me get this straight—I mean right,” Mav said. com 49 Evangeline Anderson “No, I was gay, I just wouldn’t admit I was gay,” Evan corrected him. “And believe me, it wasn’t easy but I didn’t want to keep on lying to myself and everybody else. ” Mav ran a hand through his hair. ” Evan smiled gently.

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