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By R. M. Nedderman

This booklet outlines the elemental technology underlying the prediction of pressure and pace distributions in granular fabrics. the character of a rigid-plastic fabric is mentioned and a comparability is made among the Coulomb and conical (extended Von Mises) types. The tools of measuring fabric houses are defined and an interpretation of the experimental effects is taken into account within the context of the serious nation thought. routines and strategies are only if might be really worthwhile for the reader.

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Distinguish between the two, the Coulomb line discussed above is commonly called the internal yield locus, and will be denoted by the abbreviation IYL in the relevant figures. 5) where p* is the distance between the centre of the circle (point B) and the point where the internal yield locus cuts the a-axis (point ^4). e. *(! 7) In later sections of this book, we will frequently need to relate the stresses on the x- and y-planes to the parameters p* and i|i where I|J is the angle measured anticlockwise from the x-plane to the major The Mohr-Coulomb failure analysis 29 principal plane.

Thus, the Mohr-Coulomb analysis is based on the concept that slip will only occur if the Coulomb line touches Mohr's circle and that under no circumstances can the Coulomb line cut the circle. In fact, Coulomb's yield criterion is not concerned with the direction of slip but merely imposes an upper limit on the magnitude of the shear stress that can occur on a plane. 3. We can therefore see that at critical stability there are two incipient slip planes represented on the diagram by the points S and S' and therefore that incipient slip planes always occur in pairs.

The sign convention defined above cannot, in general, be used for three-dimensional systems, but can be adapted for systems of axial symmetry. Here we may use the convention as defined above in the positive quadrant, but in the negative quadrant we must work in mirror image as this quadrant becomes the positive quadrant when viewed from behind the paper. 8, we can note that the stresses on opposite sides of the element will differ if there is a stress gradient. We will denote these stress differences by huxx etc.

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