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Those, however, who are hard-hearted, mischievous and perverse and cherish othersí faults as an ornament, will feel amused. Who does not like oneís own poetry, be it delightful or exceedingly insipid? Such good people as delight to hear othersí composition are rare in this world. The world abounds in men who resemble lakes and rivers, that get swollen with their own rise when waters are added to them. There is some rare good soul like the ocean, which swells at the sight of the full moon. 8. Humble is my lot and my ambition high; my only hope is that all good men will be gratified to hear what I say, while the evil-minded will laugh.

Again, I adore, in thought, word and deed, the lotus feet of the all-worthy Lord of Raghus, who has lotus-like eyes and wields a bow and arrows, and who relieves the distress of His devotees and affords delight to them. 18. I reverence the feet of S∂tå and Råma, who though stated to be different are yet identical just like a word and its meaning or like water and the waves on its surface, and to whom the afflicted are most dear. (18) øı0󒢌©°U ŸÊ◊ ⁄UÊ◊ ⁄UÉÊÈ’⁄U ∑§Ù – Á’Áœ „UÁ⁄U „U⁄U◊ÿ ’Œ ¬˝ÊŸ ‚Ù – ◊„UÊ◊¢òÊ ¡Ùß ¡¬Ã ◊„‚Í – ◊Á„U◊Ê ¡Ê‚È ¡ÊŸ ªŸ⁄UÊ™§ – ¡ÊŸ •ÊÁŒ∑§Á’ ŸÊ◊ ¬˝ÃÊ¬Í – ‚„U‚ ŸÊ◊ ‚◊ ‚ÈÁŸ Á‚fl ’ÊŸË – „U⁄U· „UÃÈ „UÁ⁄U „U⁄U „UË ∑§Ù – ŸÊ◊ ¬˝÷Ê©U ¡ÊŸ Á‚fl ŸË∑§Ù – .

4. bhµuti bhali so∂, surasari sama saba kaha° hita ho∂. 5. 6. Reassuring the mind in this way, I shall narrate the charming story of the Lord of Raghus. Vyåsa and various other top-ranking poets, who have reverently recounted the blessed glory of ›r∂ Hari, I bow to the lotus feet of them all; let them fulfil all my desires. I make obeisance to the bards of the Kali age, who have sung the multitudinous virtues of the Lord of Raghus. Even those poets of supreme wisdom who belong to the Pråkæta or popular class (as opposed to the Sa≈skæta or the cultured class), who have narrated the exploits of ›r∂ Hari in the spoken language, including those who have flourished in the past, those who are still living and those who are yet to come, I reverence them, one and all, renouncing all false appearance.

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