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By Sylvia Day

Max Westin. intercourse incarnate. She may odor it, believe it together with his proximity. every thing approximately him was once a bit tough, a bit gritty. A primitive creature. similar to she was.

He held her hand a bit too lengthy, his thickly-lashed gaze essentially declaring his intentions to have her. To tame her. . .


Her identify, only one note, yet spoken with such ownership she may virtually believe the collar round her neck.

"It's on your nature," he murmured. "The wish to be taken."

In this online game of cat and mouse, every thing is an phantasm however the ardour is as genuine because it will get . . .

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A window. A door she could not open. It was all terribly, nauseatingly familiar. A good girl from a good family shouldn‘t know about imprisonment. A girl like she had once been couldn‘t conceive of a time when her very existence depended upon a tray of food passed through thrice a day. Good girls from good families shouldn‘t suddenly become with child, either. Please, Mama, don’t lock me in! Papa, please, please let me out! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! It hadn‘t been the pregnancy that had enraged them as much as it had been her refusal to identify her lover.

Wilberforce, head of staff at Brown‘s Club for Distinguished Gentlemen, winced slightly at the great thudding above his head as he passed beneath the grand staircase into the entrance hall. ‖ Wilberforce leaped to one side with admirable agility, considering his ponderous dignity, just in time to avoid the two young bodies shooting down the banister at dangerous speed. The broad curve at the base of the stairs put an end to that nonsense. Wilberforce gazed down at the tumbled bodies newly arrived on the floor and, after assuring himself that there were two gangly legs and two chubby legs, two scrawny arms and two pudgy arms, and two unbroken skulls, let his gaze turn sourly up to the top of the steps.

She was the one he kissed. It was her nightdress he pulled down, setting her breasts free for his mouth to devour. She gasped as he sucked her virgin nipples into his mouth, one after the other. They grew hard and pointed for him, the way that they did when she climbed from the warm bath into the chill of her bedchamber. The wicked thrill that shot through her made her pant his name again and again. He sucked harder, tugging at her, letting the edges of his teeth slide against her tender hardened nipples until she whimpered aloud with pleasure-pain and shoved her fingers into his hair to hold his head close.

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