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3rd quantity of an intermediate sequence in eastern Language guideline for English speakers.

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How to pass on a message 25 Model Conversation Characters I Yamashita(lilT), Kimura's w i f e ( H $ L ) , Prof, Kimural^fc+t) Situation '. Yamashita-san phones Kimura-sensee. Kimura-sensee is not home, so he calls again later. Flow-chart Calling Prof. Kimura's home First call 1 Arranging when to call next 1 Prof. Kimura being informed about the call Calling Prof. Kimura's home again m (1) OJ T 04 T 0J T i> L*> t o U S A IJJT£A,O Ol T 0J T U S A ill ( 8 : 00 p. m . ) 1 >w : A. A/ ( i C:A-{i"A-(i 0 0 t^-To T : t « , i f c , *5*tev»fcL*-*- USA 26 : r * !

CN S-5 Like ^ f t L i l " , this is a formal good bye; C T # > A ^ is also used as a greeting when visiting someone. ^DLIQCN S - l tztz^£o I've just come back! ^ L 1 9 C N 2 fc*^££l>o Welcome home! >=>L19CN2 M/io"Co / What did he say? Q r M*CMo"C/io / j is often said like this. m *m Narita (airport) airport tsfrz. h £ CI 9 to see, to welcome circumstances presentation MM nmB a* ( « ) L ^ 9 t f o «t 9 If next week Monday to change to say; honorific for Hf "9 29 r• Grammar Notes I. Keego i§&i§j < 3 >: humble r Examples CD (D A : l>'Og$t:i,^oL i V>iL/:^o When did you come to Japan?

X) B:*r*£*A,o (O) A :7 - ; V S / ^ BmiZhioio ^S^HlStclAO^fc^t-rirA^o C. You invite your friend to do something, but s/he declines. What do you say next? See the examples below: 23 B : 9 A/, ±W{it,j:ot o A : tfibo S B®t£, M o z A :^rdo By suggesting an alternative date or time, you can find out if your friend has any intention of accepting. zfe That's too bad. Well, may be next time. 0 A : x x . o A&$ v>fa 0 d. When you have to decline a Higher's invitation, first apologize using fi-frA, then explain why you can't accept his/her offer.

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