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Singapore at Random is a set of Singapore minutiae, packed with anecdotes, information, charges, diagrams, proof, recommendation, folklore and different strange and infrequently worthy tidbits. This veritable treasure trove of data on Singapore is prepared, because the identify indicates, randomly, in order that the reader will come to anticipate the unforeseen on each web page. Singapore at Random is a unusual and impossible to resist party of every thing you did not recognize you desired to learn about this assorted and multicultural kingdom.

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By 1919, the iron-wheeled double-seater rickshaws could no longer be found in Singapore. The traditional rickshaw was eventually banned in 1947 and replaced by the trishaw (three-wheeled vehicle with pedals). ALL SOULS’ DAY • • • • • • • Qing Ming Jie (also Cheng Meng) is All Souls’ Day for the Chinese. Qing Ming means “clear and bright”, probably a reference to the weather at the time of the year during which the festival occurs, in the third lunar month or early spring, usually on 5 April or 106 days after the Winter Solstice.

Do remove or shift objects that are placed in a dangerous manner. Encourage your family, friends and neighbours to do the same observe proper use of bamboo pole holders (eg not placing bamboo poles in a “criss-cross” manner) share with your family, friends and neighbours the consequences of potential killer litter alert your Town Council when you see instances of killer litter Don’t place objects on the ledges of windows and/or balconies place objects on the parapet walls of common corridors (eg flowerpots) hang items above the parapet walls and/or balconies (eg birdcages) throw objects from your flat or from the common areas tie or hang objects from the bamboo poles holders (eg shopping trolleys, cooking woks, bicycles, potted plants, etc) place objects in a manner that may endanger the safety of the general public.

Just because I never come for meeting … my boss arrow me to do this job. Translation : Oh man! Just because I didn’t go to the meeting, my boss singled me out for this job. kan-cheong Origin : Hokkien Meaning : to be hurried, flustered, uptight Example 1 : The MRT door heaven open yet, you so kan-cheong for what? Example 2 : Now ownee Apler, Novembler then exam, why so kan-cheong? Translation 1 : The MRT doors haven’t even opened yet, why are you in such a hurry to get out? Translation 2 : It’s only April now, the exam’s in November, why are you so stressed out?

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