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By Fritz Wittels

Originally released in 1924, this biography of Freud seems at his youth in addition to the advance of his theories and his relationships with different famous physicians of the time.

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During the days when I was one of Freud's intimates, Stekel would often ask Freud whether he could conceive of a pure ease of anxiety neurosis in which thc anxiety eould arise out of the aetual noxious effects of coitus interruptus without the intermediation of any unconseious ideas. Freud was in a dilemma. He said that he was now consulted only by persons suffering from the graver forms of anxiety neurosis, those in which hysteria existed as a eomplication. N evertheless, he would not admit that pure types of his anxiety neurosis did not exist.

2. ~"aust; I, 1. 1986. a Goethe, t 3 Traumdeutung, p. 147. 34 SIGMUND FREUD reduced to order by simple contemplation, and the seer's vision was false. Even more fugitive was the vogue of Charcot's subdivision of hypnosis into major hypnosis and minor hypnosis, with its detailed description of the three stages of hypnosis. We shall see that Freud took over from Charcot some of the questionable elements in the seer's gift; and that both he and his pupils are often led astray by their fondness for classification, by their love for a tripartite subdivision.

He told us about the way he worked. It was his practice with things that were new to hirn to look at them again and again, intensifying the impression of them from day to day, until suddenly and spontaneously under. standing would come. Before his mental vision, chaos would change into order, and the change would 1 These two witticisms, and especially the latter and livelier of the two, illustrate Freud's theory that wit is something which economises thought, and pleases us because of this eeonomy.

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