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By Cyriel Wagemans, Jan Wagemans, Pierre D'hondt

This convention is the 7th in a chain of topical conferences facing the nuclear fission strategy, in general at low excitation power. in the course of those conferences, real subject matters are mentioned by means of a gaggle of specialists. those complaints supply an outline of the themes taken care of, and allow a speedy evaluation of the present actions within the box.

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It is observed that the heavier the fissioning nucleus is, the heavier are also the ternary particles which are ejected. For 234U* the heaviest isotopes detected were 24Ne and 27Na. For the reaction 249Cf(nth,f) ternary silicon and sulphur nuclei are found with mass numbers up to almost 40 with yields at 10–8 per fission. Still heavier elements are to be expected when pushing the measurements to yields of 10–10 per fission like for 234U*. Generally there is a pronounced even-odd effect in the yields with elements with an even charge number being produced with higher probability.

Typically the fluxes are ~ 109 n/s·cm² with energy 4 meV and polarization up to 95 %. These outstanding features make the study of very rare 25 processes feasible. Of prime interest is the investigation of parity nonconservation (PNC) in nuclear fission which requires the use of polarized neutrons. The effect was studied in the past for many nuclei ranging from 229Th up to 249Cf. At the ILL the uniquely high flux enabled the comparison of PNC effects for binary and ternary fission. The best analyzed reaction with cold neutrons so far is 233U(n,f).

First, a so-called TRI effect was found [51]. Depending on spin orientation the yield for ternary particles emission is asymmetric with respect to a plane (σn, pLF). This is a curious effect whose interpretation is still at issue. Most probably it is the Coriolis force acting on the outgoing ternary particle which brings about an asymmetry. Second, the 26 so-called ROT effect describes the observation that the ternary particles are set free by a system which is rotating. This induces shifts in the angular distribution of ternary particles.

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