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By Nick Baker

A useful consultant for children elderly 7-11, through well known particularly Wild express presenter Nick Baker, jam-packed with interesting issues to determine and do pretty well everywhere.

The habitat explorers are a chain of 4 books containing quite a few step by step initiatives to guide the curious younger naturalist off down a direction of exploration. those publications aren't easily a checklist of items you will find (though they educate all these uncomplicated identity skills): particularly they inspire young children to work out what is round them through getting their fingers soiled. and since they're so ordinary and secure to take advantage of, mom and dad can think convinced in aiding their teenagers to discover the flora and fauna around.

Perfect for part phrases and lengthy summer season vacation trips, no matter if you are within the again backyard or on a relations day out.

Rivers, Ponds and Lakes explains why water is an efficient position to reside, what apparatus you can also make (such as a water guage) and what to take. you'll learn the way water creatures get...

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But worry not, this is where a large yogurt pot and bamboo cane become invaluable – see opposite. Nick’s trick * Nymphs are totally concerned with feeding and although they may look sluggish and clumsy, they have a secret weapon – a set of extendible jaws – one of the most complex hunting gadgets in existence. * This deadly device is hinged under the head and when the nymph sees potential dinner (a passing tadpole, fish or other nymph), it extends its arm-like lip and stabs, grabs or spears the prey so fast that the action cannot be followed with the naked eye.

Large expanses of weedy water provide security for many birds. Ducks are obvious on most ponds and lakes, as are members of the grebe family, such as this little grebe, or dabchick. The brown trout is one of the most common of freshwater fish. This is the larvae of an adult caddis fly. They make a protective home for themselves out of stones, shells or rocks. The surface tension of water is a death trap to many creatures unable to fight its sticky power. But predatory bugs, such as the pond skater, use it to their advantage.

Well, butterflies! Binoculars These are expensive and one of the few things that you cannot make yourself. But they are well worth the investment and there are many prices to meet different purses. They are especially useful for bird watching, but a close focusing pair are brilliant for watching dragonflies. Bucket Great for the bigger stuff. Magnifying lens Another bit of kit that is worth buying. It will turn a mite into a monster. Plastic pots, trays and plastic aquariums Brilliant for sorting, separating and observing your catches or collecting your specimens in.

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