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By Nancy A. Collins

Like such a lot Manhattanites, aspiring artist Tate cannot withstand a superb condominium deal-even if it is within the city's strangest local, Golgotham, the place for hundreds of years werewolves, centaurs, and numerous different creatures have roamed the streets.

Her new landlord is a sorcerer identify Hexe, who's decided to construct his recognition with out utilizing darkish, left-hand magic. As Tate is drawn into Hexe's interesting international, they either locate that definitely the right hand doesn't continually recognize what the left hand is doing-and heading off darkness is not any effortless trick...

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The steps groaned mightily, as if on the verge of giving way, as I followed his lead. I held my breath and did not take another one until I reached the relatively sound footing of the third floor. Double rows of rooms stretched from one end to the other, with narrow, winding passageways threaded throughout. Everywhere I looked I saw Kymerans, easily recognizable by their bizarrely colored hair. I’d never seen so many hot pink, electric blue, and bright green coiffures outside of a rave. As my eyes became adjusted to the dim light, I realized the majority of those coming and going from the different shops and stalls were, in fact, humans.

The receptionist’s chirpy voice was abruptly replaced by that of Vinnie, who talked as if everyone around him were slightly deaf. ” the mover growled. “Vinnie, this is, uh, Tate. . ” “Yeah. ” “I was calling to find out when your guys are going to show up? You said they’d be here by noon. ” “Oh, yeah! ” I could hear him riffling though papers on the other end of the line. ” The schadenfreude in the mover’s voice made my guts cinch. ” I screamed into the receiver. ” “Yeah? ” “Well, we ain’t licensed to make deliveries to dat part of town.

Very well . . ” The Rookery was located at the crooked crossroads where Skinner Lane intersected with Ferry, Vandercliffe, and Hag streets. Standing five stories tall and occupying an entire city block, it had once, centuries ago, been a brewery. After the original business closed up shop, the mammoth building became an indoor bazaar where Kymeran spellcasters, charm peddlers, potion pushers, and assorted oracles, of both the Right Hand and Left, gathered to offer their services to the human community.

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