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She was breathless. Her body was taut. Her clitoris swelled and he knew it was aching. She was so close. “Yes you can,” he whispered. ” “No…” Her voice was weaker this time. ” And then she acquiesced. ” Thomas groaned as he parted her thighs even farther and buried his face in her moist sex. He breathed her essence in and then tasted her. Honey. Sweet, feminine honey. When he flicked the tip of his tongue over the soft, wet lips, she shuddered violently. His hands tightened around her soft thighs.

Yes, Lady Catherine was teachable. Very teachable. And he would enjoy every damned minute of it. He pushed his face farther into her hot crevice and slid his tongue up her tight virgin hole. She trembled and whimpered as he ran his tongue between the folds and then to the apex of her pleasure—her clitoris. She cried out. No man had ever touched her here. His cock throbbed at the thought. No man had ever kissed her here, save him. And somewhere deep inside he felt a pang of jealously that she belonged to another man.

She wriggled and pushed back against his hand, wanting more. So much more. But he refused to give it to her. Instead, another swat landed on her backside. ” His voice was ragged. He was obviously affected. His hand caressed once more, teased. Another hand slid underneath her and his long fingers brushed the sensitive swell of her belly, gliding upward to squeeze her nipple. ” No, she would never get enough. ” The word came out in a heated breath, shocking her, thrilling her. She actually wanted him to hurt her, to spank her harder, to squeeze her nipple harder.

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