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By Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied, Derek Heng

Over the last 20 years, Singapore has complicated quickly in the direction of changing into a either an international city-state and a key nodal element within the overseas fiscal sphere. those advancements have brought on us to reconsider how we comprehend this altering kingdom, together with its historical past, inhabitants, and geography, in addition to its transregional and transnational stories with the exterior international. This assortment spans numerous disciplines within the humanities and social sciences and attracts on quite a few theoretical methods and methodologies with a purpose to produce a extra sophisticated knowing of Singapore and to reconceptialize the demanding situations confronted through the rustic and its peoples.

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This direct challenge to Dutch authority forced the government in Batavia to take the step of formally deposing him (Netscher 1870; Raja Ali Haji 1982: 291-292; Matheson 1970: 123; Van der Putten 2001). Sultan Mahmud had remained in Singapore after his deposing, staying with the Temenggong, and attempting to seek the mediation of the British with the Dutch in Riau. The refusal of the British administration to intervene on his behalf made him turn to the east coast to try to build a new base there.

The new ‘border’ also reoriented the axes of contestation in the region. The rivalry between the Temenggong and YTM families had defined the politics of the kingdom of Johor since the late eighteenth century, despite the marriages between the families. Under the new European regimes, and delineation of spheres, a new axis emerged, with the YTM in Riau and Sultan in Lingga struggling over the control of Lingga, Reteh, and the Natunas. 13 Successive YTMs and members of their families became important intermediaries for the Dutch in the accumulation of manuscripts and other materials pertaining to the history and traditions of the kingdom, partly to be used for the administration of Riau-Lingga, and partly to be used in the teaching and learning of Malay in the colonial service.

The YTM Family: Cosmopolitan Singapore and the Gateways to Asian Modernities Despite the criticisms of Sultan Mahmud’s frequent visits to Singapore and his consorting with non-Europeans in Singapore in the Tuhfat alNafis, the YTM family’s fate and fortunes were to become increasingly drawn towards the port-city in the latter half of the nineteenth century. 50 KOH KENG WE The meaning and forms of these connections were rather different from those of the Sultan. While economic motives were strong, it was inseparable from the growing significance of Singapore in the late nineteenth century as a centre for Islamic learning and publishing, as well as a conduit for the flows of ideas, commodities and people between the Middle East and the archipelago, from pilgrims to newspapers and literature.

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