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63. Regimental Standards These hallways and rooms bespeak of the pride that the Highlords’ elite troops take in their unit histories. Each location is devoted to the exploits of the appropriate temple garrison unit. The regimental flags are displayed, and a brief history of the unit’s battles, enclosed in a massive leather tome, rests on a table beneath the flags. Each room is garrisoned by an honor guard of four draconians from the unit represented. The emblems on the flags, and a summary of the major campaigns, are as follows: Unit Emblems Campaigns White Legion Iceberg Tarsis Green Regiment Dragon Head Silvanesti, Balifor Black Guards Skull and Wings Kern, Nordmar Blue Watch Bolt of Lightning Kalaman, Solanthus Red Watch Fireball Ansalon, Tarsis, Qualinesti 64.

Rather than fastening to a character, as happened with Berem, the reverse effect now occurs. Any character making a determined effort to remove one of the stones is sucked bodily into the column. There the character’s soul will languish until the temple falls. This is an immediate effect caused by godlike power, and no saving throw is allowed. No resurrection is possible, unless the temple is destroyed. 59. the temple Main gate The main temple gate stands ever open, beckoning to any who dare to pass through its yawning portals.

A master never hesitates to sacrifice the lives of some of his apprentices if he feels that the others may benefit from the lesson. Rather than assigning specific spells for most levels, assume that the Inquisitor can use any desired spell of first through fourth level. His fifth, sixth, and seventh level spells are as follows: Fifth: atonement, commune, cure critical wounds, dispel good, raise dead, true seeing Sixth: harm, lose the path, blade barrier, word of recall Seventh: unholy word The Inquisitor is a powerful cleric trapped in a diseased and loathesome body.

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