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In this case, the mechanical platform of the primary vision system was reaching the end of its useful life, but the optics were of high quality and had almost no wear. Therefore, the customer was able to mount existing optics on a new X-Y-Z motion platform to improve the performance of his system and save money. EVERYTHING TO GAIN If there is a measurement or inspection problem, noncontact or otherwise, that seems to defy a standard system or existing tool solution, do not hesitate to call in an expert with custom systems capabilities.

By contrast, machine vision systems generally are located in-line, snapping images of moving parts for real-time examination of features of interest. TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW Today, parts requiring dimensional measurement and inspection are becoming extremely small. Some, on the nanoscale, are built up from the molecular level. These parts are too small for measurement via conventional CMMs because contact probes typically cause enough displacement to prevent accurate results. As applied, vision dimensional measurement systems image the features to be examined with a digital camera that is driven into position using computer numerical control (CNC) technology, operating much like a CMM.

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