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B. Write T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false. 1. _____ Elizabeth came to feel that she could have loved Darcy. 2. _____ Mr. Gardiner offered to help find Lydia and Wickham. 3. _____ Mr. Bennet could not get Wickham to fight him. 4. _____ Elizabeth thought the scandal prevented her from marrying Darcy. com 33 PrideandPrejudice SG PRIDE 09/19/06 AND 2:54 PM Page 34 21 PREJUDICE • Chapter 11 WORDS AND MEANINGS NAME ____________________________________ DATE _______________________ Write the word that best completes each sentence.

Elizabeth and Jane convince Mr. Bennet to allow Lydia to __________. _____ 2. Bingley ____________________ to Jane. _____ 3. Mr. Bennet receives a ____________________ from Mr. Gardiner. _____ 4. Bingley ____________________ to Netherfield Hall. _____ 5. Mrs. Bennet is joyful that Lydia will soon be ____________________. _____ 6. Elizabeth learns that Darcy has given ____________________ to Wickham. _____ 7. Lydia reveals that Darcy was at her ____________________. B. Help! Someone has mixed up the characters in the following sentences.

Think about a major event in the story. What was the main character’s point of view about that event? Explain how the author revealed that character’s point of view. com PrideandPrejudice SG 09/19/06 2:54 PM Page 47 33 BOOK TITLE BOOK REVIEW, PART 1: ____________________________________________ (TITLE OF NOVEL) NAME ____________________________________ DATE _______________________ Imagine you are a book reviewer for a newspaper. Your job is to describe the novel you just read for your readers. Before you write your review—which will contain both fact and opinion—you must take notes.

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