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Develop into the scourge of office or university with those spiteful and infantile stunts. Throw dignity to the winds. Wreak vengeance in your enemies, or humiliate these you secretly despise.'

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So the first Ugly Truck Contest was born. Special Events: Experts pick the Ugly Pickup of the Year. An Ugly Pickup Queen leads the three-block parade through town. Official rules: Trucks have to be street-legal, and over a decade old. They have to be able to move under their own power; a majority of the surface area has to be rust and dents; and, most important, they’ve got to have a good Ugly Truck name. Contestants get extra points for something especially ugly on their truck. It takes around 200,000 frowns to create a permanent brow line IN DREAMS….

BUILDING A STRONG MILITARY • Martin Marietta, a Department of Defense contractor, was caught charging the government $263,000 for tickets to a Smokey Robinson concert in Denver and $20,194 for professional-quality golf balls. S. Air Force said it could build 132 B-2 bombers for $22 billion. After eight years it had spent the money and had only one plane. A year of tests showed that the B-2 could perform its missions only 26% of the time…and it deteriorated in rain, heat, and humidity. 7 billion.

And I was thinking of animal symbols—growling at crime, roaring at crime. But which animal? The designated critter had to be trustworthy, honorable, and brave. Then I thought, you can’t crunch crime or defeat it altogether, but you can snap at it, nibble at it—take a bite out of crime. And the animal that takes a bite is a dog. A bloodhound was the natural choice for a crimefighter, but they still needed a name…so they sponsored a nationwide name-the-dog contest. The most frequent entry was Shure-lock Bones.

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