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Poker Sars ''CRACKED'' tips to beat the web video game. make the most of improper shuffling algorithms from on-line poker. Win funds always, coupled with graphs, charts, options and extra.

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I truly believe over time even in PS, you can only expect to have the best hand 1 out of 10 times with 10 total players at the table. So if you win the 4th hand 8th hand 12th hand and the 16th hand, you have had you share of wins and may have to wait 50-200 hands to start winning again and get back on a recognizable pattern. Usually it’s not that extreme, however it does happen. The pattern could be as small as every other hand winning 4 times in a row. So the 2nd hand 4th hand 6th hand 8th hand all winning.

9 10 11 12 13 4c 3c 6c Qh 4c 2c Jh Ah Kc Ks L L L 14 15 16 Qc 8c 2s 3d Qc Js 17 18 19 20 5s Kc 6c 2c 10d 9h 9s 5s Session 3: Win 12th Hand so 4th 8th 12th L knew this hand wouldn’t hit. I got in the flop relatively cheap but when the flop had an Ace on board I knew it was time to run. L L Win 16th Hand so 4th 8th 12th 16th It’s interesting to note that after a run like this. I am not expecting to win many more hands for quite some time. I also know that the patterns will be some time before they surface as I am now most likely in a “Pay In” cycle.

An example would be that the 10th hand wins then the 20th then the 22nd then the 32nd and the 42nd. So you win in patterns of 10 but it is split up a little. If you can’t tell it’s a pattern and your hands not that great, or there’s a huge pre-flop raise just get out of the hand. It doesn’t cost anything to fold. I win more money playing my tight, sound, aggressive game coupled with pattern recognition then just doing either one alone. Not to mention I have a great time doing it. If you only win one extra hand per hour and lay down one extra hand per hour, your outcomes will be vastly different and much more profitable.

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