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By William Wallace Cook

A vintage how-to guide, William Wallace Cook’s Plotto is one writer’s own approach, painstakingly diagrammed for the advantage of others. the idea itself should be uncomplicated — "Purpose hostile through situation yields Conflict" — yet cook dinner takes his "Plottoist" via enormous quantities of events and eventualities, guiding the reader’s hand as a dizzying array of reasons and stumbling blocks come to a head. Cook’s strategy is damaged down into 3 phases: First, the grasp plot. This four-page chart distills the main easy plot issues right into a three-line sentence. subsequent, the clash scenario. each one grasp plot leads the reader to an inventory of situations, allotted between 20 assorted clash teams (these diversity from “Love’s Beginning” to “Personal Limitations” to “Transgression”). There are over 2,000 targeted clash occasions within the publication, and every is cross-referenced with designs for the way the location may have began, or the place it may possibly move. ultimately, there are personality combos — prepare dinner deals an intensive index of protagonists, each one cross-referenced with a number of assisting gamers — themselves tied to numerous clash occasions, for what seems to be an inexhaustible reservoir of feedback and thought.

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B learns that her lover, A, has fallen into desperate misfortunes. 91. B, in love with A, seeks to save A from disaster. 1155. B, in love with A, learns that A is desperately involved in debt * B unknown 12 PLOTTO Introduction to A, settles with A’s creditors and frees him from debt ** 364d *-**. A’s gratitude to B blossoms into love; and when A is sure he has rehabilitated his character, he proposes to B and is accepted. In the Classification by Character Symbols, all terminal Conflicts are marked by the parentheses number of the C Clauses.

Also appended to 1075a is a reference to Conflict 364d, which seems quite apropos at this point: 364 (d) (850a, b) (1075a, b) A, with the help of B, overcomes an ignoble weakness * A’s gratitude to B blossoms into love; and, when A is sure he has rehabilitated his character, he proposes marriage to B and is accepted ** (826) (828) This Conflict may be called a terminal Conflict, in the sense that it brings our love story plot to marriage, the finale of most such plots. ” At last we have the female protagonist, B, firmly fixed in the plot, and we need not go back further into the lead-ups.

B will not sell * A and B, while engaged in a commercial transaction, fall in love ** (41a, b, c) (b) (1148a) (1153) A meets B while engaged in an enterprise of indirection, and clever B finds a flaw in his explanations; B, also, is entangled in a snare of indirection, and A’s suspicions are aroused * A and B are mutually involved in a snare of indirection; nevertheless, they are drawn to each other and fall in love ** (163) (50) (c) (125b) (745) A is a young lawyer, retained by B to help her settle the involved estate of her deceased father, F-B * A and B, during their meetings as lawyer and client, fall in love ** (107) (69) ( 2 3 ) B E C O M I N G I N VO LV E D I N A C OMPLICATION T H AT H A S T O D O W I T H M I S TA K E N JUDGMENT AND SUSPICION 21 (4a) (1167) (1168) (1169) (1170) A meets B and thinks she is a transgressor; and B, on her part, thinks A is a transgressor * A and B, each thinking the other is a transgressor, nevertheless fall in love ** (69) (97) 22 (a) (850a, b) (250) (885a tr A & B) A is a woman-hater, but he is rendered a service by B which causes him to revise his opinions of the opposite sex * A, a woman-hater, falls in love with B ** (153) (826) (b) (259-1) (262a) A has an experience with B which causes him to become a woman-hater (22a) (1002 ch B to B-3) PLOTTO Love’s Beginnings 31 Love and Courtship 23a-26a 23 (a) (3a) (15a, b) B, an “inferior” person, falls in love with A, a “superior” person, and seeks to win him in marriage (212a) (254) (b) (331) (346 -*) B, of foreign ethnicity, falls in love with A (229) (226) (c) (255) (282b) A, of foreign ethnicity, falls in love with B (225) (227) (d) (293) (330a) A, wealthy and of high social position, falls in love with humble B (228) (358) ( 2 0 ) B E C O M IN G I N VO LV E D W I T H C O NDITIONS IN W H I C H M I S F O RT U N E I S I N D I CATED 24 (a) (806 ch B-4 to B) (812a ch A-4 to A) A loses his heart to B, a woman he does not know, and wishes to marry her (1d, e) (103) (b) (818b) (788) A, attracted by the loveliness of B, loses his heart to her (71b) (128) (c) (1364a *-** ch B to A) (1410) A sees a photograph of B, a woman he does not know * A, studying a photograph of unknown B, falls in love with her ** (27) (31) (d) (22b ch B to B-3; 839 tr A & A-2) (22b ch B to B-3; 1461b) A, hearing of the character and charms of B, a woman he has never met, falls in love with her and resolves to win her in marriage (29) (54a, b) (e) (74a, b) (924b) A, of an inordinately romantic temperament, sees the hand of B; and, because of the hand’s shapeliness and beauty, falls in love with the owner, B (27) (2c) 25 (101b) (24b) A, falling in love with B (32) (38), whom he does not know, seeks an introduction (139) (36) 26 (a) (169 tr A & A-2) (6a, b; ch B to B-3) A and B have never seen each other; but, through their fathers, F-A and F-B, who are old friends, it is arranged that A and B shall meet and marry (117 ch BX to B) (118) 32 PLOTTO 26b-34 Love and Courtship Love’s Beginnings (b) (72) (1183 ch SR to B) A and B have never seen each other; but they correspond, and through their correspondence become betrothed (1461c) (31) 27 (946) (1203) (1208) (1258 ch A-6 to A) B, unworthy, wins the love of worthy A, and tense complications result (11c) (359) 28 (a) (452 ch A to A-8) (1248) B, very ill and under the doctor’s care, fancies herself in love with the doctor, A (162a) (1462) (b) (688) (148 tr A & B) B, suffering misfortune with A, fancies herself in love with him (307) (147) 29 (38) (916) (925 -*) (926) B knows nothing of A, having fallen in love with him at “first sight” (31) (223) (226) 30 (32) (1185) B, a stenographer, is in love with A, junior partner of the firm employing her (274) (754) (213) 31 (2f, h) (8a) B, rescued from an accident by A, whom she does not know, falls in love with him (45a, b) (59) (207) (220) (255) (616) (801) 32 (31) (10a) (641) (765) B, desiring love, has never had a lover, and feels the misfortune keenly (185) (195) (850a, b) 33 (668) (670) B, daughter of M-B, a widow, desperately opposes, and for very good reasons, M-B’s intention to marry again (59 ch B to M-B) (65 ch B to M-B) 34 (327b) (15a, b) B, humble and self-effacing, worships A, her love alone seeming a sufficient reward of happiness (87) (91) (186) (270) PLOTTO Love’s Misadventures 33 Love and Courtship 35-40b 35 (32) (10b *-**) B, a plain girl who has no lover, is persuaded by her friend, B-2, to accept an escort to a dance—A, a man she does not know (68) (96) (891 tr A & A-3) 36 (13a) (32) B is attractive, but no man pays her any attention * B, attractive, and humiliated because of her lack of admirers, resorts to simulation to gain contentment ** (83) (58a, b) 37 (1279a) (1d tr A & B) B, middle-aged, loves and is beloved by A, a youth (59) (124) 38 (13a) (35) (36) B considers love and marriage the great adventure, and eagerly proceeds with them (64) (88) (143) (146) 39 (38) (15a, b) B, unmarried, cherishes motherhood as her ideal (68) (90a; 60) (84) (21 ) FA L L I N G I N T O M I S F O RT U N E T H R O UGH MISTAKEN JUDGMENT 40 (a) (41a, b) (129) A presents his sweetheart, B, with a novel; and the story, unknown to A, contains a character described as an adventuress in terms that exactly fit B.

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