Download Planes of Chaos (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition: by Wolfgang Baur PDF

By Wolfgang Baur

CONTENTS: * The ebook of Chaos * The Travelogue * Chaos Adventures * gigantic complement * 5 poster-size maps

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He has made friends with Pierce! PIERCE MUNDAY, the thief-illusionist, is obviously a dishonest person. You watched him pick the pocket of a drunk once, and you have kept your eye on him ever since. You sometimes lecture him about his choice of professions, since both of his professions involve deceit. He is usually your lowest priority for curing. However, since Doyle and Pierce are good friends, you accept the thief's presence for the time being. You make, sure he is dressed properly and has enough to eat; the two of you are good friends.

STEEVE, the magic-user, seems all right, and he evidently cares for your friend Eleonor, but there is something strange about him. He won't talk about his past, so you are curious about it. When he is in the presence of Pierce you watch them carefully, for they seem to have trouble getting along. 30 How to Score a Tournament Once a tournament is completed, it must be scored to determine who won. In RPGA™ Network Tournaments, an individual winner is chosen from each team, so that there are as many first place winners as there are finalround teams.

1987 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. © 10-1 1©987 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Honor Guard Player Characters Ironsmith Danica Wyndam Ian MacNellen You have been with this party since it was formed two years ago. You had no idea when you joined that the group would become so successful. You are strong, loyal to your friends, and decisive. You are a lover of action, and you hate it when the party starts arguing over some minor point or other. When that happens, you usually become very gruff and grumpy, and you let everyone know how much you would like them all to shut up and do something!

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