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TIP Remember that var_dump() function you met in a previous section? If you look closely at its output, you’ll see that in addition to telling you what a variable contains, it also shows you the variable’s data type. Chapter 2: Using Variables and Operators Function Purpose is_bool() Tests if a variable holds a Boolean value is_numeric() Tests if a variable holds a numeric value is_int() Tests if a variable holds an integer is_float() Tests if a variable holds a floating-point value is_string() Tests if a variable holds a string value is_null() Tests if a variable holds a NULL value is_array() Tests if a variable is an array is_object() Tests if a variable is an object Table 2-1 PHP Functions to Test Variable Data Types Using Constants So far, this chapter has focused mainly on variables, which are good for storing and changing values over the lifetime of a PHP script.

Php script is responsible for dynamically generating the HTML code for the last row of the HTML table. This row code must be formatted for easy readability, with


elements appearing on different lines. Performing this task requires use of the line feed (\n) escape sequence, which, as explained earlier, is only recognized when enclosed within double quotes. php script. Sample Applications Obviously, there’s a lot more to PHP than just the echo statement, and you’ll get a crash course in the language’s many different capabilities in subsequent chapters.

Using these widgets is often a more time- and cost-efficient alternative to rolling your own code. Third-Party Application Support One of PHP’s strengths has historically been its support for a wide range of different databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Chapter 1: Introducing PHP and Microsoft SQL Server. 3 supports more than fifteen different database engines, and it includes a common API for database access. XML support makes it easy to read (and write) XML documents as though they were native PHP data structures, access XML node collections using XPath, and transform XML into other formats with XSLT style sheets.

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