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By Elliott White, Jonathan D. Eisenhamer

With the discharge of personal home page five internet builders want a advisor to constructing with Hypertext Preprocessor five to either study its complicated new good points and extra absolutely enforce the long-standing beneficial properties on which PHP's good fortune is outfitted. personal home page five in perform is a reference advisor that gives builders with easy-to-use and simply extensible code to resolve universal Hypertext Preprocessor difficulties. It specializes in offering genuine code recommendations to difficulties, permitting the reader to benefit by way of seeing precisely what's occurring behind the curtain to get your answer. simply because a real-life scenario will hardly fit the book's instance difficulties accurately, Hypertext Preprocessor five in perform explains the answer good sufficient that you're going to comprehend it and will tips on how to actually resolve your personal challenge.

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The first is great circle calculations. These involve finding the shortest route between two points, which due to the spherical nature of the Earth, is actually an arc across its surface. The other is known as rhumb lines. These are paths that end up being slightly longer; however, they follow a constant bearing, making them much easier to navigate. 1 create a library to make handling these calculations much easier. Unless noted otherwise in the code, all these calculations assume that you are passing in a decimal degree version of the Lat/Lon, that north and east are positive numbers, and that south and west are negative.

Repeated calls to this // could calculate the bearing at each step of the way. function latlon_bearing_great_circle($lat_a, $lon_a, $lat_b, $lon_b) { // Convert our degrees to radians: list($lat1, $lon1, $lat2, $lon2) = _deg2rad_multi($lat_a, $lon_a, $lat_b, $lon_b); // Run the formula and store the answer (in radians) $rads = atan2( sin($lon2 - $lon1) * cos($lat2), (cos($lat1) * sin($lat2)) (sin($lat1) * cos($lat2) * cos($lon2 - $lon1)) ); // Convert this back to degrees to use with a compass $degrees = rad2deg($rads); // If negative subtract it from 360 to get the bearing we are used to.

The rounding occurs for any fractional value. net/ceil • Round a fractional number down to the next lowest whole number: $floored = floor($number); This function performs essentially the same operation as casting a float value as type integer, removing the decimal portion of the number. However, the value returned is still type float. net/floor • Round a number to the nearest whole number: $rounded = round($number); This function rounds to the nearest whole number. 5, the result is the next lowest whole number.

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