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By H. H. Price

This e-book bargains with the character of perceptual cognizance and the connection of sense-data to the standard `macroscopic items' of way of life.

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Ave been solved already: problems which it does not even state. We may add that the theory is in great difficnlties over the 'wild' sense-data of complete hallucination. The visionary figure of complete hallucination-is this a material object whose surface, from the place where I am, possesses this and that curious quality? But is there really any such object at all? Certainly there is no further evidence for its existence. ) • It is a past object, say one which existed in your childhood ; and it can have qualities not only from a place but also from a time at which it (physically) is not: Here at best we have the same difficulties as in ordinary illusion, only in a more complicated form.

It does not matter here whether this is regarded as a complex continuum of successiveevents, or as a persisting substrate in which diverse events inhere: the point is only that in some sense or other it retains its identity through time. Unlesssense-data belong to 1 Cf. Chapter X, below. 52 PERCEPTION and somehow reveal to us such persistent yet changing objectsthe environmental ones revealing one sort, the somatic another -the compresence and co-variation of sense-data, however often repeated, is nothing but a rather curious phenomenon, a fact as it were of a merely geographical kind, and gives no evidence of causal connezion at all.

Now the senseorgans and the nervous system cannot be got rid of, as the spectacles or the water can: so that all the objects to which ) our sense-data belong will on this theory have to be ' compound', only some will be more complicated compounds than others. And if so, it will not be easy to discover what simple objects there are and what qualities they have; how, for instance, shonld we ever know of the existence of such ' simple' things as straight sticks, mountains or tables? And of course there will be the same difficulty about our knowledge of our own sense-organs and brains.

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