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The performances of the defoamers were tested in application trials. The different coatings were applied with airless equipment (SATA® shark™ M 3227) at a working pressure of 7 bar (corresponding to 224 bar spray pressure) with a 46/50 nozzle. The substrates were untreated steel panels. The coating was applied in increasing film thickness from 60 to 200 µm dry film thickness (dft, determined by bykotest 8500 basic Fe/NFe, BYK Gardner). Twenty minutes after application the panels were cured in the oven at 70 °C.

2,3 The %BRC can be calculated by the equation: FIGURE 1 | Chemicals derived from renewable resources and their applications. D. | Sartomer USA, LLC, Exton, PA 32 ⅢⅢⅢ JANUARY 2011 | W W W . P C I M A G . C O M %BRC = 100 x (# of Biorenewable Carbon Atoms/# of Total Carbon Atoms) Some of the current commercial examples have impressively high %BRC values, but until there is a viable commercial supply of bio-sourced acrylic acid it will be impossible to make 100%-renewable acrylates. 4 Despite the commercial availability of radiation-curable acrylates with partial biorenewable carbon content and their widespread use in some applications, there is still a need for new offerings with higher %BRC and improved properties.

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