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By Warner Shedd

Were you aware that "flying" squirrels are incapable of precise flight? do you know that opossums do not "play dead," as within the universal people announcing "playing possum"? during this interesting and gorgeously illustrated new e-book, natural world professional and fanatic Warner Shedd, former govt for the nationwide natural world Federation, uncovers the medical realities obscured via our various long-held misconceptions of untamed animals. environment the main tenacious of those age-old superstitions opposed to proof that he and different biologists and naturalists have gleaned from cautious commentary and research, Shedd refutes such well known myths as beavers can fell bushes in a wanted path, grey squirrels bear in mind the place they bury nuts, wolves howl on the moon, and cougars are an endangered species.

In addition to dispelling incorrect information, Owls should not clever & Bats should not Blind provides a few attention-grabbing evidence in regards to the animals that many folks come across in our personal backyards or jogging around the highway as we force in our vehicles. for example, were you aware porcupine is really a wide rodent, and that its protecting quills are particularly really expert hairs numbering approximately 30,000 consistent with animal? that implies common porcupine has approximately a hundred and forty quills according to sq. inch!

Shedd additionally makes use of funny anecdotes to teach us how humorous (and academic) it may be whilst animals themselves defy our flawed ideals approximately them. Casting new gentle at the previous guideline that ravens may be taught to imitate the human voice, Warner Shedd tells of a scientist who spent six years educating a raven to cry "nevermore," after the haunting raven within the well-known Edgar Allan Poe poem. Shedd extra explains that contemporary learn shows that ravens in simple terms mimic in the event that they have the will to do so.  

Owls aren't clever & Bats are not Blind covers greater than thirty North American species--some as everyday because the universal toad, others as elusive because the lynx. And Shedd captivates the reader as basically an skilled naturalist may well, with exact, actual info on such diverse natural world as muskrats, herons, brown bears, crows, armadillos, and coyotes--to identify just a few.  

Owls are not clever & Bats should not Blind grew out of Warner Shedd's wish to percentage biologically sound info and counter misguided folklore approximately wild animals. via arming his readers with wisdom, Shedd hopes to advertise a extra knowledgeable and respectful view of many North American flora and fauna species and eventually inspire the medical administration and conservation of all our local flora and fauna.

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Beavers were also live-trapped in areas where they were still plentiful, and restocked in regions where they had been eliminated. For example, in 1921, six beavers were trapped in New York State and released in southern Vermont; eleven years later, beavers were reintroduced from Maine into northeastern Vermont. No species, however rigorously protected, can survive without adequate habitat, and here the ways of humans, once so inimical to the beaver’s survival, began to favor it. Concurrent with protective laws and the reintroduction of beavers, there was a slow but steady abandonment of agricultural land.

Because I had to attend to Heidi’s wounded nose, we never did learn what became of the muskrat. What was a muskrat doing at that time of year, exposing itself to danger in open, snow-covered fields? There was no rabies in Vermont at the time, so any suspicion of a rabid animal can be eliminated. No doubt the peripatetic muskrat had either been forced to seek a new food supply or was heeding the siren call of the mating season. At any rate, it provided a thoroughly memorable experience, albeit a most unpleasant one for the unhappy Heidi!

Dam construction itself is a fascinating process. The beavers begin by laying down brush, with the butts pointed downstream. Mud and rocks are brought to the site to anchor and coat the brush, and various materials, from pieces of driftwood to old bottles, are gradually incorporated into the dam as it grows higher and higher. Mud is constantly packed in among the sticks, brush, and other material, and the upstream surface of the dam is coated and recoated with mud. The whole affair is really a beaver version of concrete.

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