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The Sun is now a yellow star in the second stage of its career. The Sun will slowly swell—growing bigger and bigger and, at the same time, gradually becoming hotter and hotter. ' The Earth will become terribly hot. enormous heat beyond bearable limits. ' Our dear Earth will become terribly hot; its rivers, lakes and oceans will reach boiling point and soon evaporate; all plants and animals will be scorched to death; and our world that was once bubbling with life will have the pathetic look of a barren desert.

Unfortunately, yes. Our Sun, 42 too, will die like all other stars—but not in hundreds or thousands of years—only after billions of years. How then will its end come? Our Milky Way is more than 10,000 million years old and our Sun which came later and which is a relative newcomer to the galaxy, is only half that—5,000 million years old. Like all stars, the Sun is supposed to have been shaped out of a cloud of dust and gas. Slowly, as the cloud started condensing, it gained its shape, t e m p e r a t u r e and luminosity under its own gravitational power.

52 of water. Venus has 88 per cent of the Earth's gravitational force, and has seasons similar to the Earth. But in many other respects Venus is quite different from Earth. Its surface is totally obscured by dense swirling clouds of sulphuric acid. The atmosphere is composed of 96 per cent suffocating carbon dioxide and 4 per cent hydrogen. The heat has no way of escape and the surface is sizzling hot, with a temperature as high as 500 degrees Celsius. So virtually no life can eixist on the planet.

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