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By Vicente Palacios

Explanatory symbols and special illustrations for fifty seven initiatives let even starting paperfolders to supply such easy-to-make versions as caps, cubes, airplanes, a vase, 4-pointed superstar, and development to more difficult figures that may attract skilled origamists: baskets, Cinderella's slipper, gyroscopes, a 10-sided field, 5-pointed superstar, vampire bat, and extra.

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Roll for surprise (normal chances). If the character is surprised, roll a Horror Check. F. This water-filled corridor gets slowly deeper until it intersects the underground stream which feeds the pool in the sinkhole. It is possible for a character using a water-breathing spell or some means of creating a moving air pocket to travel from the pool to the catacombs or vice versa. 5. Well Of Bones The ledge here overlooks a vast pit of gray, lumpy sand and dust. Large green runes of exotic shape have been inlaid into the reddish stone floor around the pit.

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