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Here’s a nifty trick to do even more than that. If the dealer puts the cards back into the infernal machine after every round, then you will sit out the next round of cards if you saw seven or more 10s come out on the last round. This is a “kind-of” card counting that can reduce the number of hands you play to make up for the fact that a continuousshuffle machine will increase your play by approximately 20 percent. In craps, follow my recommendations for Place betting above, but as soon as your Place bets are active and at risk, start to replace them with Come bets.

That means just by learning basic strategy, or bringing a basic strategy card to the table with you, you have a $7 edge over the casino as a $25 player in my example. Want to add to that edge? Simply sit out 10 percent of the hands. 50. Your monetary edge will be greater than $10, just for playing basic strategy and sitting out a hand every now and then (“I want to change the flow of the cards” is a good ploy when you’ve lost a couple of hands). indd 32 7/18/12 9:21 AM All About Comps 33 But here are some more little tricks to use.

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