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By Marie-Louise von Franz

Marie-Louise von Franz, for a few years a coworker with C.G. Jung, is an said authority at the mental interpretation of fairytales, desires, myths, and alchemy. during this booklet, initially a sequence of lectures on the Jung Institute in Zurich, she turns her cognizance to the that means of the irrational. With penetrating perception she examines the mental baclground to time, quantity, and strategies of divining destiny similar to the I Ching, astrology, Tarot playing cards, palmistry, cube, random styles, and so forth. Contrasting Western clinical attitudes with these of the chinese language and so-called primitives, she explains and illustrates Jung's rules on archetypes, projection, psychic strength, and synchronicity.

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In all the myths and fairytales I have studied, I have never seen a case where a hero with helpful animals does not win out. If he picks up a helpful or a grateful animal who has promised to help, with absolute certainty it can be predicted that there will not be a tragedy but a happy end. In that way one can predict the time sequence in the fairytale, and predict what will happen with a certain accuracy. This means that there are not only typical motifs but also typical sequences of archetypal events.

In measuring we use numbers of some kind, and by them we define physical intensity. Number measures quantity, or number is a quantity; for instance, the number five indicates that there are five apples here. For us that is an absolutely ingrained self-evident fact. If we go back to the origin of the use of number, we see that this is a completely one-sided development. Self-evidently and naturally number indicates a quantity but in its original form it also indicated the quality or the pattern of a structure, and not a quantity; page_68 Page 69 that aspect has been lost and slowly left behind in the development of number theory in the West, until in modern mathematics number is only a quantity.

Oriental fairytale tellers sit at the market place and simply go on the whole day; people listen for a while and then pay a bakshish and leave, but the storyteller just continues, and people who have nothing to do and in the Orient most are like that sit and listen the whole day long and then they have to pay a bit more. And what does the Oriental fairytale teller do? He always takes this note of suspense and just starts another story from there. He makes another chain of events and we can see that because we have these fairytales.

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