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By Herman Melville

A failed mutiny lands the narrator in a Tahitian reformatory the place he and his spouse are handled with interest and kindness. After their eventual free up, the 2 embark on a chain of adventures as they paintings at extraordinary jobs, view conventional rites and customs at the island, and contrive an viewers with the Tahitian queen.

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Page 7 place; and another, actuated by the same desire to make a civilized mortal of me, flourished about my head a great pair of sheep-shears, to the imminent jeopardy of both ears, and the certain destruction of hair and beard. The day was now drawing to a close, and, as the land faded from my sight, I was all alive to the change in my condition. But how far short of our expectations is oftentimes the fulfillment of the most ardent hopes. Safe aboard of a ship—so long my earnest prayer—with home and friends once more in prospect, I nevertheless felt weighed down by a melancholy that could not be shaken off.

Beside this, there were still more annoying causes of inquietude; and, every once in a while, a splash of water came down the open scuttle, and flung the spray in my face. At last, after a sleepless night, broken twice by the merciless call of the watch, a peep of daylight struggled into view from above, and some one came below. It was my old friend with the pipe. ” was the rejoinder, as he peered into the obscurity where I lay. “Ay, Typee, my king of the cannibals, is it you! But I say, my lad, how’s that spar of your’n?

Do you hear? Let Mr. ” As the captain once more dipped his head down the scuttle to make answer, from an unseen hand, he received, full in the face, the contents of a tin can of soaked biscuit and tea-leaves. The doctor was not far off just then. Without waiting for any thing more, the discomfited gentleman, with both hands to his streaming face, retreated to the quarter-deck. A few moments more, and Jermin, forced to a compromise, followed after, in his torn frock and scarred face, looking for all the world as if he had just disentangled himself from some intricate piece of machinery.

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