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Tor Classics are affordably-priced versions designed to draw the younger reader. unique dynamic disguise artwork enthusiastically represents the thrill of every tale. acceptable "reader pleasant" kind sizes were selected for every title—offering transparent, exact, and readable textual content. All versions are entire and unabridged, and have Introductions and Afterwords.This variation of Oliver Twist contains a Foreword, Biographical observe, and Afterword by means of Nancy Springer.Abandoned at an early age, Oliver Twist is compelled to stay in a dismal and dismal London workhouse lorded over by means of lousy Mr. Bumble who cheats the lads in their meager rations! determined yet decided, Oliver makes his break out. yet what he discovers within the harsh streets of London's underworld makes the workhouse appear like a picnic. Penniless and on my own, he's lured right into a international of crime by means of the wily Fagin--the nefarious mastermind of a gang of pint-sized pickpockets.Will a lifetime of crime repay for younger Oliver? Or will it earn him a one-way price tag to the gallows?

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She's bid havid a plate of boiled beef id the bar,' replied Barney. 'Send her here,' said Sikes, pouring out a glass of liquor. ' Barney looked timidly at Fagin, as if for permission; the Jew reamining silent, and not lifting his eyes from the ground, he retired; and presently returned, ushering in Nancy; who was decorated with the bonnet, apron, basket, and street-door key, complete. ' inquired Sikes, proffering the glass. 'Yes, I am, Bill,' replied the young lady, disposing of its contents; 'and tired enough of it I am, too.

Civil words, you villain! Yes, you deserve 'em from me. ' pointing to Oliver. 'I have been in the same trade, and in the same service, for twelve years since. Don't you know it? Speak out! ' returned the girl; not speaking, but pouring out the words in one continuous and vehement scream. ' The girl said nothing more; but, tearing her hair and dress in a transport of passion, made such a rush at the Jew as would probably have left signal marks of her revenge upon him, had not her wrists been seized by Sikes at the right moment; upon which, she made a few ineffectual struggles, and fainted.

His expectations were disappointed, however, for the picture had been removed. ' said the housekeeper, watching the direction of Oliver's eyes. ' 'I see it is ma'am,' replied Oliver. ' 'It has been taken down, child, because Mr. Brownlow said, that as it seemed to worry you, perhaps it might prevent your getting well, you know,' rejoined the old lady. 'Oh, no, indeed. It didn't worry me, ma'am,' said Oliver. 'I liked to see it. ' said the old lady, good-humouredly; 'you get well as fast as ever you can, dear, and it shall be hung up again.

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