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By Scott Bennie

This publication offers the previous Empires for DMs and gamers alike. Descriptions of all of the significant towns and cities, maps of an important ones, info at the humans, areas, economies, geography, and cultures of those international locations are inside of those pages. organize, then, to go into the nation-states of god-kings and pharaohs, of wierd magic unknown even to the likes of the purple Wizards of Thay.

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People flock to the cities to engage in and watch athletic competitions, typically running, wrestling, and charioteering. Athletics have always existed in Mulhorand, but have never been as prominent as they are at this time. have Chessentan mercenaries brought the Great Games from their land, and mercenary companies compete biannually in the Great Arena of Skuld, along with Mulhorandi who have a mind to compete. The Chessentans usually win, but the Mulhorandi, stung by the challenge, are improving rapidly, especially in wrestling.

It is said to be one of the most knowledgeable cabals of wizards in the entire Realms, but none have entered their chambers or knows their true power. River Alamber This very long and swift river forms the western boundary of the Greenfields. Its source is a network of streams on the northern side of the Unthangol Mountains. It provides needed sediment for the Greenfields, but, like the River Angol, it is unpredictable in its floods (except that its major floods usually occur in the same year as the River Angol’s).

The most interesting of the technical innovations, though, was the invention of the pressure engine. The priests of Thoth devised a way to use dams and engines to harness the power of Mulhorand’s rivers, which they used to grind grain and pump water into far reaches of the desert, fertilizing the desert soil. A period of desert settlement followed. It ended when the pharaoh disapproved of a plan to build a huge dam on the River of Spears, feeling that technological innovation had gone too far. He ordered all development on river and steam technology ended.

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