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23c 23a. p-YT URU+KAR? edu 23b. O rg^T URU+GU gur(u)5 Only in DINGIR-URU+GU-ub (KRB) and 6-URU+GUKI (CT VII 27b rev. 11, 17) _ 23c. __ > URU+A __ ___ ~~~ ____ T ru x dTa-ru -de (~1DP XI p. 3 i, ii) ru -tu-ri-ri (ibid. p. , and Ur III (Gelb, HS p. 34 n. 82). URU+A-a KI Cf. also = URU+kKI (Sollberger, Corpus des inscr. " presarg. de Lagas, URU+A = uru Ent, Ent. 76 77). For cf. now Falkenstein in ZA LII (1957) 70 n. 2 24. SI A-damdunKI (Legrain, TRU 2h; 107; 277; Nikolski, Dok. U 5 (passim) 179; 384; ITT V 67743 JAOS XXXIII 29) For GAL = u cf.

Recently made available to me. The interpretation liptejuma, in contrast to lisSsi:nimma, also supports the conclusion made below p. 3 behave like verbs mediae -.. However, there are two difficulties which should not be overlooked. In taking U as having the value ju in Sargonic, we would have to assume that that value was developed secondarily in Sargonic, since Sumerian does not have a phoneme j. The occurrence of A-dam-u, beside A-da-mu, A-da-mu (all three listed in MAD III 19), and of Dar-u-ma (FM p.

The spellings Y-a-se-ir-Da-ga-an (ITT V 6718) and i-ar- ra-su-ni (Nikolski, Dok. II 364) are not understandable. 2. Writing of Stops and Sibilants A chart for the use of signs for syllables containing an initial stop or sibilant and ending in a vowel can be reconstructed as follows for the Sargonic Period: a. edu -29- only in ball-u-la-ti) only in ba 5 -lu-ýu-um, ba 5 -lu-bum, Ba5 -ti) (BA 11 (BA BE = be, bi4, pi Bf = bi, pi5 = bi, pi, be 6 only in South Babylonian usage, as in i-ga-pi-u (late copies), Sa-at-pi-DINGIR, 1-31-pi--li /Ill-bell/) only in A-pi4-sal and perhaps ma-tum) (KA -p 4 - A-bu-, i-bu-us /pus/ BU = bu, pu P It-be-um, Sa-at-be- DINGIR (STP).

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