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By David Farrell Krell

Krell creates a amazing interaction of meanings, allusions, and connotations—an interaction of a number of resonance that is finely tuned to Derrida's concept and which makes his essay as crafty because it is conceptually disciplined. he's definitely the most astute translators and readers in modern Continental concept.

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They're gone the neutered male. Which would mean that the tradition, for all its glorification of Mnemosyne, who (as Heidegger will assure us) is a right mother, is not so much phallogocentric as it is gynephobic. And the phobia exacts its price. The failure of Timaeus' discourse means the failure of iconography and of all ontotheology A door opened and I could smell it more than ever, and a head came out. It wasn't Father. Father was sick there as such. GRAMMATA How we can have strayed so wildly on our course from typography to engrammatology I do not know.

Socrates and Cratylus can agree that both names and pictures or portraits are imitations of things, although in different senses, but the peculiar kind of likeness or image (eikon) involved in either sense baffles them: SOCRATES: How is it now with one who imitates the being [ousia) of things in syllables and letters? Willjt not be the same with him, that when he reproduces everything that is appropriate to the thing his icon will be fine-and in his case this is the name-but if he leaves something out or perhaps adds a touch he will still get an icon, but not a beautiful one?

For the art of mirroring is the sophistic art par excellence. In the tenth book of Republic the following memorable exchange between Socrates and Glaucon occurs (d. Sophist 233e-234e): But now consider what name you would give to this craftsman. What one? The one who makes all the things that all handicraftsmen severally produce. A truly clever and wondrous man you tell of. Ah, but wait, and you will say so indeed, for this same handicraftsman is not only able to make all implements but also produces all plants and animals, including himself, and in addition earth and sky and the gods and all things in heaven and under the earth.

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