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By Rudolf Josef Taschner

Drawing essentially from old examples, this ebook explains the super function that numbers and, particularly, arithmetic play in all points of our civilization and tradition. The full of life type and illustrative examples will interact the reader who desires to comprehend the numerous ways that arithmetic allows technological know-how, expertise, paintings, song, politics, and rational foundations of human proposal. every one bankruptcy specializes in the impact of arithmetic in a selected box and on a selected old determine, reminiscent of "Pythagoras: Numbers and Symbol"; "Bach: Numbers and Music"; "Descartes: Numbers and Space."

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Our ears perceive a periodic sequence of vibrations. In fact, the note generated by a tun- BAC H : N U M BE R S A N D MUSIC 25 ing fork or some “hi-tech” device, such as an electronic sine-tone generator, enters our organ of hearing as an elementary sine wave. Its frequency (the frequency with which maximum and minimum air pressure alternate per second) is measured in hertz. Before the conductor turns up, the oboist of an orchestra (it has to be the oboist because the oboe is the only orchestral instrument incapable of being tuned on 25 Sine wave: as a note is the spot) produces a 440-hertz note, the given, the air is compressed in a chamber tone A1.

As the earth orbits around the sun, the sun’s light is shared differently between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. During the spring and fall equinoxes,30 the Northern and Southern Hemispheres receive the same amount of light, and a line connecting the center of the earth to the sun would pass through the equator. On the day of the summer solstice, the Northern Hemisphere receives the most sunlight, and a line connecting the center of the earth to the sun would pass through 23° northern latitude.

We must admit that Parmenides’ denial that time has any real existence leads us ultimately to a dead end. Where does that leave us? ” It appears we are dealing with ideas that seem to be mutually exclusive: on the one hand, development and decay; on the other, permanence and immutability. We will see that, far from being mutually exclusive, these ideas complement each other—in fact, neither pair is conceivable without the other. If we want to arrive at a mental construct of time, we must first strike a balance between transience and perpetuity.

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