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By Frank Eller

If you are simply beginning in Delphi and need anything to complement your periods, or you are a pro specialist who does not know the way to do a little issues in Delphi (I came across the part on programming DLLs very beneficial as I hadn't attempted programming them some time past) this e-book can be a great selection.

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For example, if you make calls to the Windows application programming interface (API) they will not work under Linux and will cause an error. 8 Choosing important issue when working with Delphi. I cannot recommend the Personal Edition (which corresponds to the Standard Version in previous releases) as it is suitable only BEFORE YOU GET STARTED … 21 a version ■ START UP! 1 for people who want to play around with programming. You will need the Professional Edition if you want to carry out proper application development.

7 To-Do List The To-Do List was introduced in Delphi 5, and is another very useful programming help. As the application you want to create becomes more and more extensive, you are BEFORE YOU GET STARTED … 17 1 START UP! ■ When you are debugging a program, and busy with bugfixing, Delphi can show you the value that a particular variable takes. When the program stops scrolling, move the mouse over the variable; Delphi displays a tooltip window containing the value. Naturally, this works only if the variable has not been optimized (deleted).

You will see that you can already enter data, that the tab key and the different buttons work properly, and that the window also works exactly like all other windows in a Windows system. And all it took was one line of program code. 4 Text in the input fields Naturally, the user will have to input their text themselves, and it is important for us to stop the input fields’ names from being displayed in the input fields. We therefore have to delete this text. You will find it in the Text property for each component.

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