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Mandarin chinese language has turn into crucial for crosslinguistic comparability and syntactic theorizing. it truly is however nonetheless tricky to procure finished solutions to investigate questions, simply because chinese language is frequently provided as an "exotic" language defying the analytical instruments standardly used for different languages. This e-book units out to demystify chinese language. It areas arguable concerns within the context of present syntactic theories and provides designated analyses according to a wide array of consultant info. even supposing the point of interest is on glossy Mandarin, previous levels of chinese language are sometimes spoke of as a way to spotlight awesome continuities in its historical past. VO order is one such consistent issue, therefore invalidating the concept chinese language went via a huge note order swap from OV to VO and again to OV. one other declare frequently made for chinese language as an separating language, viz. the life of an impoverished stock of elements of speech, is also refuted. different lengthy debated matters addressed right here contain the relevance of the dichotomy subject vs topic prominence and the position of chinese language as a habitual exception to crosscategorial harmonies posited in typological reviews.

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C. Jane Tang 1990). Accordingly, in the double object construction, both the indirect object and the direct object follow the verb (cf. [35] and [36]). ’ Unlike arguments, adverbs and phrasal adjuncts are totally excluded from the postverbal position in modern Mandarin (in contrast to pre-Archaic Chinese) and have to precede the verb. (The so-called descriptive complement, often presented as a manner adverb in postverbal position, is only an apparent exception; cf. e. adverbs such as yì ‘also’ (cf.

4 It is by presenting the deities with several alternatives differing in the focalized item (including the alternation between a positive and a negative predicate as in [28]) that the oracle was achieved, not by asking questions. This is the reason why the huge corpus of the Shang inscriptions does not contain a single question, neither yes/no questions nor wh-questions. 18 | SVO forever! (29) a. ’ b. ’ (30) a. ’ b. ’ To summarize, the preceding discussion has shown the importance of a precise syntactic analysis of the synchronic stage at hand.

Huang, Li and Li 2009, ch. 5). Instead, I concen- 26 | SVO forever! trate on those aspects of the syntactic analysis of bǎ that are important for the issue of word order. ’ Note from the outset that in contrast to statements sometimes encountered in the literature (cf. Soh 1998 among others), the bǎ construction is not comparable to the obligatory object shift in Scandinavian languages which is contingent on verb raising to a vP-external position (cf. Holmberg 1986, 1999; Ferguson 1996 among others).

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