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By Jon Shemitz

This ebook provides .Net from a Delphi programmer’s point of view. It provides the center recommendations of the .Net international by way of the strategies a Delphi programmer is already accustomed to. it's designed to aid today’s Delphi programmers not just undertake to Delphi for .NET, but additionally to C# if that's their choice. it's best to think about the booklet because the Delphi an identical of a migration e-book. We have already got migration books for VB6 programmers relocating to .NET, and C++ programmers relocating to .NET. This ebook is for Delphi programmers relocating to .NET.

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When a method is first executed, it’s jitted and the method table is patched so that it points straight to the jitted code. Open Methods Normal methods, whether in an open class or in a closed class, are closed methods. The types they return, or the types they take as parameters, or the types they create as locals are fixed when the class is constructed, when you first execute code that refers to Unique or Unique. Additionally, any class—whether open or closed—can have open methods.

Delphi code can use the objects that various FCL methods return, without any wrapper code or header translations. Delphi code can create specialized descendants of C# library classes. Exceptions raised by a FCL method written in C# can be handled in the Delphi code that made the FCL call. A Font instance (the FCL version of a TFont) can be passed between code written in Delphi and code written in VB or C#. Your code can serve or be served, or even both. 7. You may need to manually insert pad fields to compensate for different field alignment strategies.

NET all but bans pointer arithmetic. A pointer that you can’t do arithmetic on is a reference. References are strongly typed, and all casts between reference types are checked. You can be confident that a non-Nil reference to an object of This type always points to an instance of a This object (or to an instance of a type that inherits from This type) and never to an instance of an unrelated type. Without pointer arithmetic, you cannot allocate a chunk of memory for a buffer, and calculate addresses within the buffer.

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