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By Art Borkent, Gustavo Spinelli

This e-book brings jointly, for the 1st time, all recognized info at the fifty one genera and 1095 defined Neotropical species of biting midges. an outline of the crowd encompasses a dialogue of bionomics, variations of many of the existence phases, habitats, their ecological roles (including affliction transmission), accumulating and instruction concepts, zoogeography and class. A key to adults (including men) offers the 1st key to the entire genera of this zone. restricted keys to eggs and larvae are offered. Keys are written in either English and Spanish. A desk of all prior descriptions of immatures and a catalog of all Neotropical species is incorporated. This booklet could be of curiosity to systematists, ecologists, clinical entomologists and scholars wishing to adopt cutting edge examine in a remarkably fascinating and instructive workforce of bugs.

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Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador. fusca Species Group caliginosella WIRTH, 1974: 5. New name for caliginosa. - Southwestern Argentina. caliginosa INGRAM & MACFIE, 1931: 167 (preoccupied by Forcipomyia caliginosa (INGRAM & MACFIE), 1924). Argentina. fusca (PHILIPPI), 1865: 630 (Tetraphora; female; Chile). - Central and southern Chile south to Deceit Island, southwestern Argentina south to Tierra del Fuego. patagonica INGRAM & MACFIE, 1931: 165. Argentina. piroskyi CAVALIERI, 1961b: 172 (female; Argentina).

Uruguayensis (CORDERO), 1929: 95 (Lophomyidium; male; Uruguay). - Paraguay, eastern Argentina, Uruguay. Genus FORCIPOMYIA MEIGEN FORCIPOMYIA MEIGEN, 1818: 73, 75. Type species: Tipula bipunctata Linnaeus, designation by WESTWOOD, 1840: 126. Generic name first published in synonymy with Ceratopogon but available under ICZN Code Article 11(e). 48 ABLA Vol. 4 – Art Borkent & Gustavo R. Spinelli: Ceratopogonidae Neotropicales TETRAPHORA PHILIPPI, 1865: 630. Type species: Tetraphora fusca PHILIPPI, by monotypy.

Blantoni B. brevicornis HRIBAR & MULLEN, 1991 SPINELLI & WIRTH, 1989b SPINELLI, 1983c SPINELLI & WIRTH, 1989b SPINELLI & WIRTH, 1989b THOMSEN, 1937 S. bicolor S. chaconi S. coquilletti S. dorsofasciata (as a Palpomyia) S. dubitans S. fiebrigi S. glauca B. bromeliae B. glabra Stages Described P P P P E P L P P P P P P P L P P P P E L P ABLA Vol. 4 – Art Borkent & Gustavo R. Spinelli: Neotropical Ceratopogonidae 31 Table 1. Continued. Taxon Reference Stages Described B. roldani B. snowi WIRTH, 1952a CHAN & LEROUX, 1967 PALCHICK, 1981 WIRTH, 1983a JOHANNSEN, 1905 MALLOCH, 1915a THIENEMANN, 1928 MAYER, 1934 MAYER, 1934 LENZ, 1934 LENZ, 1934 THOMSEN, 1937 GLUKHOVA, 1979 PALCHICK, 1981 WIRTH, 1983b SPINELLI, 1983c KNAUSENBERGER, 1987 HRIBAR & MULLEN, 1991 HRIBAR, 1993 MAYER, 1959 SPINELLI & WIRTH, 1989b SPINELLI & WIRTH, 1981, 1989b SPINELLI & WIRTH, 1991 Clastrieromyia dycei SPINELLI & GROGAN, 1986 P Pachyhelea pachymera SPINELLI, 1983c P Palpomyia guarani P.

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