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Nor should CJTF HQs require new personnel: they should be drawn from existing HQs and it is by no means clear that such a major headquarters could be extracted from existing structures without damaging them. The most detailed planning presently undertaken within the Ministry of Defence is to work on the devolution of resources to a CJTF from within existing HQ resources. Nevertheless~ in the absence of authoritative guidelines until the Berlin accords were reached, the SHAPE concept was the point of departure.

This opposition was all the more fierce because, in the context of the Inter-Governmental Conference, the French were emphasizing their traditional policy of favouring the build-up of West European institutions in the sphere of defence and security, a policy highlighted by the Mitterrand-Kohl October 1991 initiative on Common Foreign and Security Policy and the decision to create a Franco-German Corps. 8 Simultaneously the French were doing their best, albeit unsuccessfully, to promote European institutions (the EC and/or the WEU) with respect to crisis management and peacekeeping, as was particularly clear in the early months of the war in the Balkans, notably in the fall of 1991.

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