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By Susana Carvalho, François Gemenne

This quantity pinpoints the significance of background and its makes use of within the (re)formation of contemporary countries and nationwide identities in a large choice of nations, protecting the 5 continents. It beneficial properties contributions from essentially the most famous students within the box of nationalism akin to Terence Ranger, Robert Gildea and John Breuilly.

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44. See Peter Mandler (2006, pp. 206–7), where these lists (I have left out many items) are quoted. 45. The Office of Homeland Security set up in the USA following 9/11 sounds more comforting than, say, the Bureau of National Security. 46. One sees it in arguments about ‘asymmetrical’ forms of regional autonomy in Spain and of federalism in Canada, where Catalans and Basques in the one case and Quebecois in the other case insist on having a ‘higher’ group status than other regionally concentrated populations, something which can cause problems in the very words used in constitutional documents.

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