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By Richard Atwater

A vintage of yankee humor, the adventures of a home painter and his brood of high-stepping penguins have overjoyed little ones for generations. "Here is a booklet to learn aloud in teams of every age. there isn't an additional or lost be aware within the entire story."--The Horn Book. Newbery Honor ebook.

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For such a big bird he takes awfully small steps,” said Bill. “And look how his little black coat drags behind. It almost looks as if it were too big for him,” said Janie. But the penguin was tired of marching. This time, when it got to the end of the tub, it decided to jump up the slippery curve. Then it turned, and with outstretched flippers, tobogganed down on its white stomach. They could see that those flippers, which were black on the outside, like the sleeves of a tailcoat, were white underneath.

Asked the policeman. ” “It’s a penguin,” said Janie. ” said the policeman, lifting his cap to scratch his head in a puzzled sort of way. ” “Mamma says Papa’s hair looks like a lion’s sometimes,” said Bill. “Keep still, Bill,” said Janie. ” The policeman now scratched his chin. “If it’s only a bird, I suppose it will be O. K. ” “We keep him in the icebox,” said Bill. “You can put it in the icebox, for all I care,” said the policeman. ” “A penguin,” answered Mr. Popper. “And by the way, I might want to take him walking with me.

An inkbottle cork, two screws, and a belt buckle ... Six beads from a child’s necklace, five building blocks, a darning egg, a bone, a small harmonica, and a partly consumed lollipop. Two toothpaste lids and a small red notebook. “I guess this is what you call the rookery,” said Mr. Popper. ” “Well,” said Mrs. ” said Captain Cook, and strutting into the living room, he knocked over the best lamp. “I think, Papa,” said Mrs. Popper, “that you had better take Captain Cook outside for a little exercise.

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