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Omit these overly complex books that try and conceal all of it! effortless to learn and comprehend, MOTOR keep watch over basics, 1st variation builds the basis of information you must paintings with AC Induction cars. targeting uncomplicated, single-phase, and three-phase induction motor idea and operation, MOTOR keep an eye on basics info universal motor keep watch over circuit schemes, and demonstrates tips on how to learn, interpret, and rfile motor keep watch over circuit diagrams, whereas providing abundant perform circuit difficulties to construct serious talents. Get a great commence within the electric with MOTOR regulate basics!

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He purpose of the vent hole is to release the pressure on the inside of the capacitor before it explodes. Anytime the vent hole paper is broken on this type of capacitor, it should be discarded. hat is the purpose of the centrifugal switch on the motor. Within a second or so of the motor starting, the rotor will reach a high enough speed that the centrifugal switch will open the auxiliary start winding contacts to disconnect the start capacitor from the AC supply. Run Capacitors. Motor run capacitors are nonpolarized, and are much larger physically for a much smaller μF capacitance (pictured in Figure 4-19).

At the instant the motor is energized, the magnetic ield in the stator will start to rotate around the stator at synchronous speed. If the rotor is not yet turning, all of the lines of lux of the rotating magnetic ield will rotate around, and cut through the rotor bar. Once the rotor starts to turn, the conductor bars in the rotor will cut through fewer lines of 35 FIgURE 3-18 Stator rotating magnetic ield with locked rotor CHapter 3 three-phase Motor theory © Cengage Learning 2013 36 FIgURE 3-19 Stator rotating magnetic ield with rotor turning synchronous speed of lux start to cut through the rotor bars again, a voltage will be induced, which will cause a current to low through the rotor bars, creating a magnetic ield that will interact with the rotating magnetic ield of the stator, and torque will begin to be produced again.

He rotors of induction motors are commonly referred to as squirrel cage rotors, because the rotor bars assembly and shorting rings, • • • • • • • • without the iron laminations, resembles a pet squirrel’s running wheel. he voltage induced into the rotor bars is very low, so the current intensity in the rotor must be very high in order for the volt-amperes of the stator coils and rotor bars to be equal. he main disadvantage of induction motors is that they cause a lagging power factor problem on the premises electrical distribution system.

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